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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Unbalanced wheels can be dangerous as they negatively influence a car's handling efficiency. Apart from this, an imbalance can result in the need of more frequent tyre replacements due to accelerated tread wear. Manufacturers always recommend wheel balancing checks after every 5,000-6,000 miles to ensure optimal handling performance and steering stability.

If your vehicle requires professional car wheel balancing Reading, always opt for a reliable facility.

Visit our car wheel balancing Reading, Baz Tyres, where our technicians conduct accurate wheel balancing using advanced technology and eco-friendly counterweights.

Our technicians also perform a standard wheel balancing check and corrections every time they fit new tyres Reading on a vehicle, or when carrying out a seasonal tyre change.

Why is car wheel balancing Reading necessary?

Wheel balancing means equalising the weight of the wheel/tyre assembly so that the wheels rotate smoothly even at high speeds and the car doesn’t bounce or sway. This is crucial for a safe and comfortable driving experience in any road condition. Hence, if you come across the following symptoms of unbalanced wheels, reach our car wheel balancing service Reading immediately.

Poor fuel economy: When a vehicle’s wheels are out of balance, it causes the vehicle to drag or create unnecessary friction. This leads to a marked increase in fuel consumption.

Vibrations: Unbalanced wheels also lead to unusual vibrations in the steering wheel, seats and floorboards.

Uneven tread wear: If you notice uneven tread wear patterns, it can indicate unbalanced wheels.

Damage to other car components: Often, when the wheels of a car are unbalanced, other car parts like for example the wheel bearings, springs, struts and other components of the suspension system can get damaged.

This makes proper and routine wheel balancing checks necessary for your vehicle.

Causes of unbalanced wheels – a few examples:

  • Loss of previous balancing weights due to certain impacts like driving too fast over speed bumpers, hitting a curb or driving through potholes
  • Under- or over inflated tyres
  • Manufacturing defects in new tyres and wheels

How can we help?

Here are some of the steps we follow to conduct wheel balancing Reading at Baz Tyres.

  • We mount the wheel (including the tyre) on our balancing machine.
  • Next, we spin the wheel at high speed.
  • The recorded measurements help us to identify the exact spots of wheel weight imbalance.
  • We then use eco-friendly counterweights to balance the wheel accurately, before fitting the wheel back on your vehicle.

You will feel the difference immediately!

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