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RoadX Tyres

If you are looking for cost-effective tyres with technologically advanced features, RoadX tyres Reading are the ideal option.

RoadX was established in 2019 and is presently a part of the renowned Chinese tyre manufacturer, Sailun. Though a new name in the global tyre industry, RoadX has already established its position among the most trusted brands worldwide owing to its quality products that guarantee uncompromised performance.

Baz Tyres is one of the most trusted retailers of RoadX tyres in and around Reading. Therefore, if you have been looking for RoadX tyres near me, drive to our workshop without giving it a second thought. We retail many different RoadX tyre models to choose from and can also guide you as per your requirements.

Please note: We retail our tyres online Reading as well. Hence, you can buy your preferred RoadX tyres by using the options available on our website. Also, book a mobile tyre fitment appointment and get the tyres replaced in our workshop or at your doorstep.

Our range of RoadX tyres

We offer various categories of RoadX tyres Reading, including but not limited to:

Season-specific tyres

Our season-specific tyre collection from RoadX includes variants like:

Summer tyres

These models feature a hard rubber compound and a shallow tread structure that offer unmatched traction, aquaplaning resistance, and durability on both wet and dry summer tracks.

We offer you models, like:

  • ROADX U11
  • ROADX H12

Winter tyres

Winter tyres from RoadX feature an innovative silica-infused soft rubber compound with a wide groove and sipe structure that increase hydroplaning resistance on snow-covered tracks. Moreover, these tyre models remain flexible even during extreme winter conditions and offer enhanced driving stability.

We offer RoadX winter models, like:

  • ROADX WH 01
  • ROADX WU01, etc.

All-season tyres

RoadX all-season tyres offer optimal traction and grip on both summer and winter tracks. These tyre models feature a customised intermediate tread compound and structure that allows the tyres to adapt to the challenges of summer and winter road conditions, respectively.

Our RoadX all-season tyre collection includes models like:

  • ROADX 4S

Vehicle-specific tyres

We also offer several vehicle-specific tyres from RoadX, such as:

  • 4X4 Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • UHP Tyres

Apart from these, you can also buy run-flat tyres from us at extremely affordable rates.

Blease get in touch with us if you are not sure which RoadX tyres Reading to buy. We will help you decide.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and call us on 07794 377198.

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