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Churchill Tyres

Churchill is one of the most popular mid-range tyre brands in the UK. Churchill tyres are designed in the UK and produced in China using a hi-tech manufacturing process, and with the help of extensive research- and development. In fact, the brand has attained a considerable global presence owing to its dependable products that guarantee durability and uncompromised performance.

At, Baz Tyres you can take your pick from a massive collection of Churchill tyres Reading at extremely mid-range-friendly rates. We also offer you end-to-end assistance to ensure you choose the best fit of Churchill tyres as per your requirements.

Also, you can buy Churchill tyres Reading online by using the options available on our website and opt for our mobile tyre-fitting service for a hassle-free tyre replacement.

Our range of Churchill tyres

If you have been searching for Churchill tyres near me, you have landed on the right page. We offer you Churchill tyre products from several categories, like:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-season Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • Ultra- high performance Tyres
  • Run-flats Tyres

Have a look at some of the best-selling Churchill tyres available at our workshop:


This tyre model from Churchill is highly rated for its eco-friendly compound and unmatched fuel efficiency. RCB007 features 3-wide tread grooves and an innovative sipe structure that offers impressive wet-track performance and maximises your on-road safety. Moreover, the strong centre rib and solid shoulder blocks offer stability and control.


This is an innovative UHP tyre that offers unmatched traction and fuel efficiency. This model features an asymmetric tread pattern with a strong centre rib that enhances steering precision and braking performance. Furthermore, the four-wide groove structure and horizontal sipe pattern efficiently disperse water from the tyre surface and guarantee impeccable aquaplaning resistance.

Some other highly-rated Churchill tyres Reading you can find at our workshop includes:

  • Churchill RCB008
  • Churchill GRB008
  • Churchill GRB007
  • Churchill GRB009

All these tyre models are available at very mid-range-friendly rates.

Therefore, hurry, and get your old car tyres replaced with new Churchill tyres Reading from us. To know more or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call on 07794 377198.

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