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Did you know that Avon tyres are a preferred OE choice for several reputed manufacturers like Bentley, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce? In fact, this British tyre brand with its over 100 years of experience is famous globally for its technologically advanced tyres.

Therefore, if you have been looking for superior quality tyres, you should definitely consider having a closer look at our selection of Avon tyres Reading . We at Baz Tyres are a proud retailer of Avon tyres.

Our tyres are also available online. You can buy Avon tyres Reading by only typing in your car’s registration number on our website and choose your favourite ones. At the same time, you can book our mobile tyre fitment service or choose a fitting appointment at our workshop.

A quick look into our Avon tyre collection

If you have been looking for Avon tyres near me, have a quick look at the range we offer in the section below:

Summer tyres

Our Avon summer tyre selection consists of models like Avon ZX7, Avon ZV7, and Avon ZT7. These models feature an innovative hard rubber compound that reduces heat build-up when used on hot summer roads and enhances durability. They also feature a shallow tread structure and customised tread bars that offer unmatched aquaplaning resistance and traction on wet roads.

Winter tyres

We retail top Avon winter tyre models like Avon WV7 Snow, Avon WT7 Snow, and more. These tyres are highly rated for durability and traction on icy and snow-covered tracks. These products are custom-built with a superior quality soft rubber compound that prevents the tyres from becoming stiff during extreme winter conditions. Also, the wide grooves and sipes offer uncompromised hydroplaning resistance.

You can also avail Avon tyres Reading from us in other categories:

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