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Before you buy car tyres Reading, always check your car’s manual or tyre placard (door frame, fuel cap, glove box,) to identify the tyre size details. To ensure you get the best out of our vehicle, such as enhanced handling and fuel economy, you must equip it with tyres of the right size. Besides, with the correct tyre size, you can rest assured of maximum driving safety.

At Baz Tyres, we are not only a reliable retailer of car tyres Reading but also a responsible platform, assisting our clients to buy the right set of tyres for their vehicle.

Decoding tyre sizes

As you can see on every tyre’s sidewall, the tyre size is a combination of letters and numbers. This alpha-numeric code will give you detailed information on several factors - tyre measurements, speed index, aspect ratio, etc.

For example, a tyre size 185/60 R14 82H will provide you with the following information:

185: These digits indicate the tyre width in millimetres.

60: This denotes the aspect ratio in percentage. It is calculated by dividing the height of the sidewall by the tyre's width.

R- It is a tyre’s type of construction. In this case, it's radial.

14- Denotes its rim diameter in inches.

82- This signifies the load index.

H- And finally, the alphabet denotes its speed rating. It indicates the tyre's maximum speed limit in miles per hour. In this case it is 130 mph.

What happens if you buy tyres of the wrong size?

  • Reduced steering and acceleration.
  • False speedometer reading
  • Changed braking distance
  • Your car's wheel bearings and other car parts will get damaged over time.
  • Poor fuel economy.

Hence, it is always ideal to buy car tyres Reading only after knowing your vehicle's tyre requirements and matching it to the tyre size details embossed on its side.

Visit us whenever you think of replacing your old car tyres with a new set. With us, you can now end your search for the best tyres near me. We stock our inventory with quality tyres from the best brands worldwide across all price brackets, namely premium, mid-range and budget. You can also easily place your order online using our tyre finder. Just type in your vehicle reg.

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