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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Car manufacturers always recommend a specific tyre pressure that must be maintained at all times to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Problems of under-inflated tyres

  • A drastic drop in fuel economy due to the extra strain put on the engine to overcome the rolling resistance.
  • Compromised braking efficiency.
  • Excessive rolling resistance.
  • Excessive tread wear at the edges.

Problems of over-inflated tyres

  • The central part of the tyre wears out faster than the outer edges.
  • Reduced surface contact decreases your vehicle’s handling performance as well.
  • Over-inflated tyres also reduce braking efficiency.
  • Poor tyre-to-road contact.

Incorrectly inflated tyres will affect your vehicle’s mileage and cause significant driving discomfort. We, thus, recommend you opt for our free tyre pressure check Reading twice a month to avoid such issues. Even if your vehicle has a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) fitted, you should check the tyre pressure regularly.

All vehicle manufacturers provide an owner’s manual and a tyre pressure sticker (you can find it in the drivers’ side door frame, inside the fuel cap or in the glovebox) that mentions the recommended tyre pressure (usually 30psi to 35 psi). This amount differs from one vehicle make and model to another, and you should never refer to any other vehicle’s manual.

Thus, we recommend you visit our workshop instead.

Why choose Baz Tyres?

When you book our mobile-fitting services, our technicians conduct the following steps:

we always ensure we check the tyres pressure upon fitting tyres, to factory manufactures specifications.

  • Our expert will first check the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle
  • They will then remove your car tyre’s valve cap and insert the tyre pressure gauge with utmost care to find out the current tyre pressure check reading.
  • Finally, they will inflate or deflate the tyres accordingly before putting the valve cap back on.

For our experts this is an easy task and it will not take long, so you can come to us at any time during our opening hours and we will sort it out for you free of charge.

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