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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?


Are you searching for a set of new run-flat tyres Reading?

At Baz Tyres, you will get to choose from an impressive collection of run-flats from top tyre brands across diverse price brackets, namely premium, mid-range as well as budget.

Run-flat tyres are specifically designed to hold the weight of a vehicle (about 50 miles at a limited speed of 50 mph) after a puncture.

With run flat car tyres Reading fitted on your vehicle, you won’t have to remain stranded in the middle of the road, and instead, you can safely drive to a nearby service centre for a replacement.

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You can now easily purchase run-flat tyres from us online using your car’s tyre size details or registration number. Also, feel free to opt for our competitively priced mobile tyre-fitting services at your preferred location. But you can certainly still come to our workshop. We will be happy to see and serve you.

How does a RFT work?

The tough rubber walls of RFTs hold the car’s weight after a puncture unlike standard car tyres that simply collapse.

However, you should keep in mind that you can’t drive indefinitely on these tyres after a puncture. The exact distance and speed that they can handle after a flat depend on driving conditions, load of the vehicle and the tyre manufacturer’s specifications. Moreover, you must install run-flat tyres only on car models that come with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). Also, damaged RFTs must be replaced as it’s not safe to repair them.

Categories of run-flat tyres

Self-supporting system

These tyres feature a reinforced sidewall construction. This will continue supporting the weight of the car up to a certain distance after a puncture.

Support ring system

Run flat car tyres Reading of this type support the vehicle’s weight after a sudden puncture due to the presence of a hard rubber ring.

Advantages of using RFTs

With RFTs, you can drive safely for a while and get to a nearby service centre for a tyre replacement.

The sidewalls of run-flat tyres are robust enough to maintain handling and steering stability even after a flat.

You do not need to carry a spare tyre and tools anymore if you have run flat tyres Reading fitted on your vehicle. This means, you have more space in the boot, and your car has less weight to carry.

Top tyre brands we offer

  • Bridgestone
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Michelin
  • Yokohama
  • Hankook

Plus, many other brands...

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