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Are you looking for Commercial Tyres for your vehicle?


Commercial tyres are manufactured specifically for heavy-utility vehicles and feature a sturdier construction which offers dependable performance tracks.

If you are looking to buy superior quality commercial tyres Reading, our workshop, Baz Tyres, is your ideal go-to destination. We are a reliable workshop for commercial tyres in and around our location. We boast a massive inventory of best-selling commercial tyres which are available in various sizes.

Please note: We retail our tyres online as well. You can check out our stock by simply providing some basic details like tyre size or vehicle registration number. If you find your preferred tyre model, make a purchase and book our tyre fitment service.

Unique features of commercial tyres

Here are some crucial factors that you should know before you buy commercial tyres Reading.

Robust construction

Commercial tyres essentially feature a robust construction with extra layers of rubber embedded in their sidewalls. This allows commercial tyres to sustain heavy loads and offer optimal traction and stability. It also enhances tyre durability and prevents impact damages from harmful external objects (nails, screws, glass shards, etc.).

Unique tread structure

Another essential feature of commercial tyres Reading is their unique tread structure which characterises an increased tread depth and wider groove structure. This innovative tread pattern offers unmatched traction and efficient braking performance even with a heavy load. Further, commercial tyres also feature a contoured design which ensures a uniform pressure distribution and enhances driving stability.

Larger in size

Unlike regular passenger vehicle tyres, most commercial tyres are, of course, much larger in size. The average width of a commercial tyre is about 245 mm, and it can go up to 385 mm. The large size and wider tread surface of these tyres offer improved traction, acceleration and cornering precision.

Two important aspects that you should consider while buying commercial tyres Reading

Load carrying capacity- It is highly imperative that you check the load-carrying capacity of the commercial tyres before buying them. Overloading can severely jeopardise the tyres’ performance and your on-road safety.

Fuel efficiency- Since commercial vehicles travel long distances, you must check the rolling resistance and other essential parameters while purchasing commercial tyres. This will help you save a great deal on fuel costs in the long run.

Popular commercial tyre brands at our workshop

Our exhaustive ranges of commercial tyre brands will certainly end all your searches for "commercial tyres near me."

Here are some of our best-sellers:

  • Michelin
  • Dunlop

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