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Are you looking for Campervan Tyres for your vehicle?


Campervan tyres/motorhome tyres, are uniquely manufactured to sustain heavier loads and offer improved traction. Though these tyres look similar to regular car tyres, the construction is different, both in terms of the tread compound and structure.

At Baz Tyres, we offer you a wide range of Campervan tyres Reading in multiple sizes. Therefore, if you have been looking for campervan tyres near me, explore our inventory for the best products at competitive rates.

Moreover, you can also check out our stock of campervan tyres online and purchase them right from the comfort of your home. You can also book our mobile tyre fitting services for a convenient tyre replacement at your doorstep.

Why choose campervan tyres Reading?

Higher load-carrying capacity

Unless you have a closer look*, you may not detect any difference between car tyres and campervan tyres, but both the categories widely differ in terms of their load-carrying capacity. Campervan tyres usually feature a sturdier sidewall construction which enables them to carry a load over a longer distance. This is significantly more than the average load index of passenger car tyres.

*You can often see the markings XL (extra load) and RF (reinforced) on the sidewall of these tyres.

Tyre pressure

Campervan tyres Reading are custom-built to handle higher tyre pressure. While the average tyre pressure limit of any regular car tyre is about 30-35 psi, a campervan tyre needs to be inflated to at least 80 psi. This helps these tyre models to haul a heavier load and offer optimal traction and control.

Robust construction

Campervans are usually used for longer journeys. Therefore, an exclusively manufactured campervan tyre features a robust sidewall construction and unique tread structure that efficiently adapt to the diverse road conditions and offer uncompromised vehicle handling experience.

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